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දකුණේ බෞද්ධ කරාව, විශ්ව විද්‍යාල උපාධිධාරී, කොළඹ ජාත්‍යන්තර සමාගමක ජ්‍යෙෂ්ඨ පරිගණක මෘදුකාංග ඉංජිනේරු , නවීන වාහනයක් හිමි, 1986/01, උස 5'10'', දුමෙන් මතින් ඇතුළු සියලු දුසිරිතෙන් තොර ගුණගරුක කඩවසම් පුතුට උගත්, ගුණවත්, පියකරු දියණියක් දෙමාපියන් සොයයි. ධනු ලග්නය, මා නැකත, කුජ ශනි යෝග. wdhannadige@gmail.com
Able B/G Colombo Lawyer mother seeks a professionally and academically qualified well brought up, pleasant daughter for her handsome young looking IT Consultant son, who is an Australian citizen. Educated in a leading private school in Mt.Lavinia and was born in 1978. Reply with copy of horoscope, full family details and telephone number. Email: prop3030@gmail.com
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Academically and professionally qualified groom living in USA sought for beautiful girl B/G 28 and 5’4” BSc Mechanical Engineer MBA qualified in USA currently working as an Executive in Multi-national company in USA. Religion immaterial. propsri@yahoo.com
About our Daughter. Suitable partner below 46 is sought by BG Parents for Fair, pretty Daughter age 41, Senior Software Engineer with Professional & Academic qualifications. Inherits substantial assets including a House. Reply with horoscope dgdaya@gmail.com
Academically and professionally qualified partner from a respectable family is sought by respectable B/G parents living in USA. Our daughter is a medical student. 5' 4" tall and 24 y/o. A professional son living in USA is highly preferred. If you are interested please reply with family details and horoscope. Email: proposal0292@gmail.com
Academically and professionally qualified partner is sought by respectable Govi Buddhist parents for their daughter 36 years, 5'3" Graduate daughter with substantial monthly income. Owns valuable properties in Colombo suburbs and financial assets. Reply with details and horoscope. Email: wedadv4@gmail.com
Australian resident GB professional parents seek professionally qualified partner for their attractive daughter (only child) 31 yrs, 5' 6", working as a Senior Engineer in well established organisation in Australia. She owns and will also be inheriting substantial assets in Australia and Sri Lanka. Please reply with full details and horoscope. Email: rmalani@optusnet.com.au
A doctor mother from Western Province seeks an educted son with good qualities for her MBBS doctor daughter working in a government hospital. G/B born in 1987 5' 4" fair and pretty with assets. Please send family details with a copy of horoscope. Email: proposal819@gmail.com
Academically and professionally qualified kind heart pretty, beautiful daughter raised with Buddhist values from respectable family sought by Sinhala Buddhist parents from Maharagama for their smart, handsome, caring, younger son. Aged 30, 5'11" height and living UK as a businessman. He has complete primary education in Sri Lanka and MBA (Business administration) in UK. He engaging in Energy sector in UK. Reply with family details, contact number and horoscope. Please reply to acnlanka123@gmail.com
Academically and professionally qualified son, PR holder or citizen of Australia below 32 years is sought by parents living in Australia for their accountant pretty daughter 27 years, 5’ and employed in Australia. Respond with family details and horoscope. Caste immaterial. Email:proposal_1960@yahoo.com
Academically and professionally qualified T/T, N/S partner is sought by Doctor mother for her daughter Attorney-at-Law LLB LLM (Lon). Attached to a leading law firm in Colombo, 5’4”, fair, born in 1985, Salagama / Govi Buddhist. Reply with family details & non-malefic horoscope. Email: mprop85@gmail.com
Academically and professionally qualified, handsome, caring partner is sought by professional G/B father (Businessman) in Colombo for their absolutely pretty, fair, slim 22 (1994), 5’5’’ daughter brought up with Sinhala and Buddhist values. Currently following her accounting degree (final year) in a prestigious university in Australia. She has valuable properties and other assets in Sri Lanka. Engineers and Doctors preferred. Please reply with horoscope and family details. (non malefic horoscopes only). Email: proposal9406@gmail.com
Academically and professionally qualified, well-mannered, caring son from a respectable family is sought by Buddhist/K well-established parents permanently residing in Nugegoda. Father a Company Chairman / Managing Director / mother is a housewife for their 24 year old, 5’5” tall, pretty, fair, kind, well-behaved daughter (only child) nurtured according to true Sinhala Buddhist traditions and values, educated at a leading Buddhist school in Colombo, and currently following the Finance Management Degree in a government university (final year) cum CIMA at management level. She possesses substantial assets including a house in Colombo. Please reply with all details including horoscope. All information provided will be treated as absolutely confidential. Email: ddlproposal@gmail.com
Academically professionally qualified caring partner settled abroad or here is sought by G/B parents from Kadawatha for their daughter. She’s 37, very attractive, flawless character, holding MSc, works abroad as a Teacher, inherits assets dameegunawardane@yahoo.com
Academically professionally qualified son, sought by Colombo District Buddhist Govi/Karawa parents for slim, fair, pretty very young looking, religious daughter 36, 5’3”, B.Sc (Hons), ACMA (UK), CGMA Accountant in an U.N. Agency, non-malefic. Inherits house, land and substantial assets. Reply with details and horoscope. fiddlerchulak@hotmail.com
Above 5’3’’ fair pretty able educated daughter is sought by well connected parents for musically talented, B/G handsome son, Royalist possessing assets. He is 5’11’’,32/10, Manager of a leading company. Wurshika, Rahu in 7th. Reply with details and horoscope. Caste immaterial. proposal.vanatu@yahoo.com
Absolutely pretty fair educated daughter age below 32 height above 5’ 2” from respectable family sought by Colombo suburbs GC mother for her professionally qualified Australian resident Accountant son, height 5’ 8”, caste religion immaterial. aus100@hotmail.com 0114588296.
Absolutely pretty very fair daughter age below 35 from respectable family sought by B/K down south parents for their Engineer (BSc) son 40+, height 5’8”. Please send family details or facebook mpb240@gmail.com
Academically and Professionally qualified fair pretty well mannered Daughter is sought by B/S Parents for their Son 29years 5’9” tall with Smart personality NS/TT Dual Citizen living in Australia. Who is highly qualified both academically and Professionally. Holding a Senior Position in Globally renowned Company in Australia. Family living in Australia is prefered. Reply with horoscope and family details to mksproposals@gmail.com
An absolutely pretty bride is sought by a respectable family for their son born in 1985, bank officer, has a degree in law, 5’ 10”, well educated with substantial assets. (Land and house) differences immaterial. Email: rsw532@gmail.com
An educated daughter is sought by Catholic teacher parents, for 40 years old eldest son, 5’ 11”, Australian citizen, very handsome, kindhearted, young looking, fair, smart, NS. Qualified in Electronics Engineering. Works in a reputed Engineering company in Australia. Divorced after an unfortunate marriage, no encumbrances or children. Younger siblings are educated & settled in USA. Substantial assets. Religion immaterial. Reply to: aupr777@gmail.com
Australian citizen Sinhala, Buddhist educated employed in Australia, 48 years, 5’5” height, fair looking son seek partner from middle-class family in Australia or who is willing to migrate Australia. Caste religion immaterial. laxmansamarasinghe@yahoo.com
Beautiful fair, slim and well mannered daughter is sought by B/G parents from Colombo for their son who is 37 years age but much younger looking 5’6” tall and a British Citizen, now permanently living in Sri Lanka. He is professionally and Academically qualified in the United Kingdom and has substantial assets in Colombo and holds shares in a family own business in Sri Lanka and has shares in other business in United Kingdom with a substantial monthly income. Please respond with family details & horoscope. Tel No:0112-160406 Email: nelum5@hotmail.com
A kind professional son (preferrably doctor, engineer, accountant or PhD) sought by Engineer parents (Tamil Hindu/ Sinhala Buddhist), for their MBBS Doctor daughter, age 30, 5' 5", kind, born and brought up with traditional Buddhist values. Recently started working in Sydney, Australia. Younger daughter, PhD Engineering in UK. Kindly reply to drparents85@gmail.com with family details.
A Sinhala Buddhist Salagama retired parents in respectable family living in Colombo seek an academically professionally qualified son for their daughter 39 yrs. Qualified in University of Peradeniya (Bachelor of Dental Surgery). She is working in Government Hospital as a Dental Surgeon. She draws a handsome salary and enjoys fringe benefits of the department. Brothers and sisters living in Australia. Dowry available. 0113079892. kwps2h@yahoo.com
A suitable partner sought by G/RC parents for daughter 1989, 5'1", Science Graduate, working as a teacher presently. Only sister married. e-mail - kr.rani123b@gmail.com
Bodu Govi respectable business family Colombo seek equally qualified pleasant partner for their daughter 26 years, pretty, 55" height, studied at Visakha Pre-med doing her finals. She owns millions worth assets including modern 2 storied house in Nawala and vehicle. Kataka lagna Rahu 7th all particulars along with horoscope should kindly forward sltasoka@gmail.com
Buddhist parents seek professionally qualified religious partner for their daughter 38+, 5'3", M.Eng (Civil), employed as a Performance Analyst. British citizen with Buddhist traditional values. Reply with family details & horoscope. Email : proposald3@hotmail.co.uk
Academically and professionally qualified pretty, well mannered daughter below 29 is sought by Sinhala Roman Catholic mother for her Burgher son, he is 29, 5'11", fair, handsome, professionally qualified working as a bank executive, non smoker, excelled in sports. Willing to migrate. Pls reply with details and contact no to prop986@gmail.com
Academically and professionally qualified well mannered pretty daughter is sought by mother for younger son, B/G Colombo, 1986 January born, 6', handsome, LLB graduated, Attorney-at-law. He has a substantial income and a new car. 1986mprop@gmail.com
B/G Retired parents from Colombo suburbs seek a suitable professional partner for their Specialist Doctor Daughter. Very attractive, fair, tall and slim figured in early forties looking 30s. Assets worth over 40 million. Divorced as innocent party. No kids. please reply with family details. 2016proposalnew@gmail.com
Academically/ professionally qualified, fair, pretty daughter from G/B respectable family from upcountry areas or Colombo and suburbs, willing to settle down in Australia is sought by Kandyan G/B parents of a respectable family from Kandy for their son 1982/8 born 6' tall, fair, smart N/S, T/T, a hospitality management degree holder working in the hospitality field in the management grade Australia. possesses Australian P.R. Email: vmbs04@yahoo.com
Distinguished GB professional family from NWP, residing Colombo suburbs, hope to meet a decent life partner for our daughter with house and other means, CIMA, MBA qualified, working in a reputed company in Colombo, senior managerial position, born 1979. Non malefic horoscope. Previous marriage limited to registration nullified, due to unforeseen reasons prior to wedding. Please reply with horoscope and relevant details. email: mudiyansela@gmail.com
Govi Buddhist parents seek suitable partner for their very pretty fair slim attractive daughter 37 years, 5'2" BSc graduate owns assets including 02 houses and other valuable property. Divorced from an unsuccessful short arranged marriage with no encumbrances. krp2015@yahoo.com
Beautiful daughter below 34 sought for fair, 6' tall, handsome, Australian, Canadian citizen son. Studied at University of Toronto, Canada. USA qualified Chartered Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), holding senior position, siblings doctors, accountants in Australia, USA. Will consider all proposals regardless of any differences. drkumar2010@yahoo.com
B/G Parents living in Colombo seek a pretty, Educated daughter, for the elder son. living in USA.He is 5'6" born in 1980, very handsome and young looking He holds us Citizenship and Works as an Accountant in USA. Reply with family Details and horoscope. E-mail: sriyaw49@gmail.com
Kandyan B/G retired parents seek an academically and professionally qualified partner for their daughter 31 years, 5'8", pretty, fair, slim and well employed in Australia. She is legally divorced after brief marriage without any encumbrances. Reply with family details and contact number. cdaughterpro@gmail.com
Kandy B/G respectable parents seek professionally qualified son below 40 years studied in a leading school who is fluent in english NS/TT for their pleasant slim smart daughter 35 years 5' working as a senior sales Manager of a reputed organization in abroad. Please reply with horoscope and family details (Dubai, Qatar preferred. ) amtsene1234@yahoo.com
Sinhala Buddhist parents seek academically qualified, honest, well mannered son who is willing to settle down in London, for their daughter UK graduated medical doctor with post graduate MRCP, working for the NHS as a Gastroenterology Registrar, 30 yrs, 5'", kind hearted, very pretty, fair, intelligent girl with sober habits and brought up with Buddhist values and culture. She possesses UK residency and inherits valuable assets in London & Colombo. Please reply with family details and horoscope. Email: shanthipa@hotmail.co.uk
Engineering Lecturer Buddhist teetotaller having assets 5' 3" fair legally divorced (no encumbrances) retired engineer seeks honest partner (differences immaterial). Email: guna74568@gmail.com
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